Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Where is the PowerStep made?

  • The PowerStep was proudly designed, engineered, and made in the USA. Every PowerStep is manufactured, packed and inventoried in our Southern California facility.


What are the main features?

  • Size matters - at just under 53 inches wide (134cm), it’s the widest step on the market today!
  • Compliments the look of the spa: The larger size visually enhances and complements the overall look of your hot tub or spa. It provides a pleasing visual aesthetic and a balanced look paired with   spa. Since a spa is a major investment to your customer, the PowerStep makes a bold statement in elevating the luxurious feeling of that a spa or hot tub will bring.
  • Safety First! PowerStep larger size allows for a wider stepping base, important during final movements stepping in and out. At evening time, the wide step feature will assist in feeling secure while entering and exiting during those late-night dips. Molded textured treads also reduce any slipping or movement when wet.
  • Mix and Match with no minimums! We offer the advantage of ordering a pallet(s) packaged in the colors of your choice from our color selection. Choose from any of our colors to make your own retail mix based on what you sell- not what someone tells you to sell! Since we stock all colors- you decided what colors you want.
  • Great Margins! Based on our MSRP, you are positioned to meet your gross margin targets with PowerStep as the “upsell” item. Compared to smaller steps that are out there, we offer a better look for the price.


What are the PowerStep Competitive Advantages?

  • Made in the USA by hard working people that are dedicated to producing the best spa step in the world! No overseas wait times, hoping your order won’t have shipping delays, or high minimums.
  • Quick fulfilment: Product from our warehouse in California, offers quick order fulfilment.
  • All facets of product design and development done in the USA. Our innovation team can create custom items for you as well! Contact us here.
  • Account Support: Once you have an account, your portal contains all the information and allows you to track purchases and reorder with just a few clicks. As a customer you will also have access to product sales and limited time offers as well!
  • US based customer service: All correspondence will be with someone in the USA. In addition, our website and customer portal will be maintained by our IT team in the US.

Why purchase from us? :

  • The Highest Quality and shortest lead-time as we are USA based, with USA manufacturing.
  • No High Minimums: Mix and match step colors per pallet anyway you like. Want 6 of one color, 2 of another, 1 of another? NO PROBEM!
  • Accucolor Custom color matching for custom orders is available! Contact us for a quote on getting the exact color you need produced! Be surprised at how easy it is to do compared to overseas manufacturing!
  • We listen to you! A “Continuous Improvement” mentality based on customer feedback that feeds product improvement. The PowerStep was conceived out of discussion with many in the spa and hot tub industry and we are always looking for new ideas to make a relaxing spa experience happen for our customers and their end customers.

Where does PowerStep fit in my store product mix?

  • The PowerStep is an upsell item. It should be an additional sale at the time of a hot tub or spa purchase.
  • The extended width aligns well to provide a natural fitted look and is aesthetically pleasing.
  • PowerStep is a competitive product to traditional steps that end-user customers prefer.

How durable is PowerStep?

  • Every PowerStep can hold up to 800lbs (363kg) and stand up to a lot of abuse. Produced with UV inhibiting technology your PowerStep may outlast your spa or hot tub!

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Shipping Times (excluding custom orders)

  • Click, purchase, ship! Orders placed before noon PST during business hours ship next day! Our business hours are M-F 9am-3pm PST. Order placed after 3pm on Friday ship next business day.
  • Orders placed during holidays will ship next available business day.
  • Emailed tracking and delivery notifications throughout the delivery process